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How is a typical day on Mt Kilimanjaro?

1. Wake up:

Usually wake up around 6:30 am with warm s bed tea which followed with hot water in washing basin for sponging and clear up.

2. Breakfast:

Breakfast is served in mess tent around 7:30 am. The mess tent is equipped with all fold-able aluminum chairs, tables, dinner ware, silver ware and table clothes. After breakfast you will back on your tent to finalize packing of your day pack and back pack with general cleaners and then proceeding with hiking around 8:00 am to 8:30 am. You will always carry your day pack and hiking close with your guide while the porters will call all camping facilities and you back pack and hiking to designate place to settle your camp. On the way you will have schedule for break according to your performance while cooks and porters move ahead to set the tents and prepare hot lunch.


On shooter hiking days you will have hot lunch on arriving while on longer days you will have either lunch box or picnic lunch on halfway. If weather is good, we set table outside to enjoy a nature. On arriving on camp you will service tea and have option of extra hike higher or rest.

4. Dinner:

Dinner served on mess tent around 7:00 pm which follow with a day evaluation, discussion and brief about next day.

5. Camping style:

In Marangu route we use hut accommodation and you stay in huts but on all camping routes Machame Lemosho we use quality tents.

6. Summit day:

Summit day usually wake up around 11:30 pm and about 12:00 am start hiking to the summit –Uhuru peak and arrive when the sun comes up – early mooning around 6:30 am but depending on your pace. Hiking is usually slowly to allow you to acclimate and facing the steep summit climb which have switch beg

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