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HFO Brothers has moved from budget company to a standard service company. We are the best among the local Tanzanian company with great success and the best experience possible. We do not depend on unscrupulous middle men, hence created our own market with reasonable standard affordable prices. HFO Brothers do not use low price to attract customers as we do not want to cut off each cost restate to poor service. We know that our clients come far away to visit us in Africa for their holiday to insure that our clients are not get streets with using bad facilities, poor mountain facilities, not good transport car and Service, delay on pick up, poor English speaking guides, lowest hotel for your stay in Africa. HFO Brothers prepare the top notch service and best hotels, using Licensed guides, carry emergency lifesaving facilities in place and always on time, book with us in confidence. We have published our package and prices per person as well as per person on sharing trip on all Kilimanjaro routes. Those cover Kilimanjaro park fee per person a day time number of days which is $ 142 which goes directly to the government. Standard food cost $ 20 per person a day as well as salary for crew and Taxes. We only offer the outstanding service and Knowledgeable guides. We have Best Tanzanian government licensed fluently English speaking guides with a medical knowledge. We climb with medical lifesaving facilities and we are in place. We use Tents which are water proof and high quality, all in good conditions. We are Trustworthy Local Tanzania Company with the main office in Kilimanjaro.


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“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”


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