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HFO Brothers Community Concern as a non-governmental entity with charitable status and voluntarly orphanage contribution tradition based in the United Republic of Tanzania, aiming on advocating ethical tourism to the surrounding Community,to increase understanding of the impact of tourism on environments and host communities among governments, industry, civil society and tourists; and to promote tourism development that is sustainable, just and participatory, and which is founded on a respect for human rights'.HFO Brothers Tours& Safaris believes in responsible, ethical tourism and also ensure that everyservicesofferedbenefit our community.Although Our primary focus is on organizing Tanzaniasafaris and Kilimanjaro climbs with an ethical and eco-friendly approach, but also giving back to the community is an important part of what HFO Brothers is doing to support the community on our level best. As a locally owned tour operator, employing local drivers, porters and office staff is just the start of our journey to help eradicate poverty. All ours tours also benefit the indigenous people and local communities through fair wages or charitable outreach programs. Since we first founded HFO Brothers Tours& Safaris, we’ve always worked very hard to design tours and safaris that were unique, safe, and environmentally and socially responsible. But we felt like we could do more. So, we started getting directly involved with several campaigns and projects throughout Tanzania. You can read more details about our work with these amazing programs and campaigns below.


For every client going on a Kilimanjaro climb or Tanzania wildlife safari, HFO Brothers Tours & Safaris donates back to community projects in Moshi. Below are some of the projects we support and that you will be supporting too by booking with us.


Elderly homes are extremely rare in Tanzania, and in Africa in general. Elderly people (known as “wazee”) are highly respected, and families will usually care for their elderly relatives in their home. However, sadly there are those who have no family or their family is too poor to take care of them.Through the services we offer,HFO Brothers Tours & Safaris are continuously fundraising to support a government-run home for the elderly especially in Moshi.


HFO BROTHERS TOURS & SAFARIS is also accountable to Humanitarian support, when you choose to be hosted by our company; you also help underprivileged children because we use 15% of our profit to provide valuable relief to these suffering Tanzanian children by providing basic needs to them, we cannot do everything but we can do something. Hence, HFO Brothers plays a vital role to enhance life of underprivileged children such as orphans and children with autism

Are you thinking of sharing more with wonderful cause? Here are the ways you can provide further help to our underprivileged children’s such as orphans and children’s with autism.

1. Climb for a cause: Collect, fundrise and donate or organize a group. Scaling the highest free standing mountain in the world is a perfect way to raise money for this great cause.

2. If you have space in your luggage you can bring the following items for the children’s in need

  • Autism Physical activity toys
  • Book, pens and pencils
  • Crayons, coloring pencils
  • Toys: duplon building blocks (big Lego)sensory toys, simple puzzle
  • Drawing books/coloring books
  • Clothes: socks, sweaters. Shorts t-shirts
  • Bed sheets

3. Sponsor a child (education)

Make your traveling dream come true while makes other’s too. You may volunteer to educate or make a full or partly sponsorship on education to our beloved children’s so as to let them achieve their dreams of becoming what they desire on their life time career.


The World malaria report 2017 draws on data from 91 countries and areas with ongoing malaria transmission. The information is supplemented by data from national household surveys and databases held by other organizations. This year's World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that after an unprecedented period of success in global malaria control, progress has stalled. In 2016, there were an estimated 216 million cases of malaria, an increase of about 5 million cases over 2015. Deaths reached 445 000, a similar number to the previous year.

This life-threatening disease is a serious health risk and burden here in Africa. HFO Brothers Tours& Safaris tries to pitch in as much as we can to help spread awareness about prevention and treatment, as well as provide resources to those affected by the disease. We introduce our campaign we the slogan said that “Say No to Malaria” campaign.

The primary function of this campaign is donating mosquito nets to various NGOs, House holds and other Areas who are in need of mosquito nets in the Kilimanjaro region for each year.


The Big deal and focus of HFO BROTHERS TOURS & SAFARIS is hiring a locally individuals(Skilled/Semi-skilled & unskilled employees) who are seemed to be jobless in the community. Once you choose us, as your tour hostin one way or another you employ others too like Porters, licenced Guides, cooks etc.We employ over 350 people Yearly, 90% of whom are natives to the Kilimanjaro region. This ensures that money generated from our activities stays in the local community to benefit its economy and residents. We shop at local markets (which are the best anyways!) and stay at locally-owned hotels and campsites.

As such a large employer, maintaining top-notch working conditions is also a big part of our employee empowerment initiative. Employees are treated fairly and given the chance to gain experience in a fun, safe environment while becoming educated on how to provide exceptional tours.


Since we are local tour operator with its base in Tanzania,HFO Brothers Tours & Safaristry to ensure that, we brings a Sustainable Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations through conserving the Natural Environments. Our sustainability strategy is based on our mission statement;

“To provide the best adventure experiences at affordable prices while ensuring we leave a positive mark on the local community and the environment as the whole without compromising the needs of future Generations”.

The following are responsible initiatives done by Our Company:-


The Green Initiative has as its main objective “the offsetting of Greenhouse gases emitted by human activities that can range from complex industrial production processes, driving a car, with reforestation projects in riparian areas that need to be recovered and so forth”. The trees planted will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide,aswell as environmental benefits, such as water and air quality preservation, and biodiversity protection.

The effects of global climate change are already being felt by us all as the world’s weather patterns are disrupted and affected. From extended heatwaves and severe drought in some parts of the world to flooding and extreme cold temperatures in others, it is the poor and vulnerable who will suffer the most.

We are therefore currently working as much as possible to plant thousands of trees on a project called “Tree for Life” which will ensure the safe keeping of Africa’s precious Umbrella Thorn Acacia trees and prevent 1 tonne of carbon from being released into the atmosphere through deforestation.

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HFO Brothers Tours& Safaris launched its own clean up campaign 2 years ago - called “Leave our Mountain Clean Campaign”. This land is not only our home, but our livelihood, and keeping it beautiful and clean means a lot to us. Every year in April and May during our low season, we devote hundreds of our porters, guides and managers to go through all of our different mountain routes to clean up any rubbish left behind by various tour groups throughout the last season. This helps to clean up our environment and increases tour satisfaction in the Kilimanjaro region.


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